• Reliable Conklin Flexion™ Single Ply Membrane System Specialist in Central IL

    Bolash Roofing is a proud retailer of Conklin’s Flexion™ single-ply membrane system for commercial and residential roofing in central Illinois. Flexion™ is a thermoplastic membrane that is designed to not only improve the lifespan of your home or business’s roof but also strengthens the hard surface and protects it from hazardous weather conditions. Our contractors at Bolash Roofing have years of experience installing single-ply membrane systems that are cost-effective and last for decades to come.

    Interested in restoring the structure of your roof in central Illinois? Here are just a few reasons why you should choose our Flexion™ single-ply membrane system:

  • • Flexion™ is a waterproofing solution that prevents leaks.
    • Increased energy efficiency, lowering your energy bills by up to 30%.
    • Prolongs the life of your residential or commercial roof.
    • Comes with up to a 25-year warranty.

  • • Resistant to dirt and discoloration.
    • Can withstand fire & harmful UV rays.
    • Easy to install at any time of the year.
    • Requires minimal maintenance.

  • Our Flexion™ Single-Ply Membrane Coating System is Recommended for the Following Roof Decks

  • • Steel

  • • Concrete

  • • Wood

  • Are you interested in restoring your existing roof? Contact Bolash Roofing for quality Flexion™ single-ply membrane system products from the leading manufacturer Conklin in central Illinois.

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